(Q) What is the key to a successfully polished concrete floor.
(A) Plan ahead by Consulting with us at the designing stage.

(Q) What is the expected life span of a polished concrete floors?
(A) In general a 10 year life span would be a modest figure, however a properly maintained concrete floor can last for a indefinite period of time.

(Q) Is a polished concrete floor slippery?
(A) No, our practice includes the incorporation of a concrete hardener that also acts as a  slip retardant, which meets OSHA standards.

(Q) Can all existing concrete floors be polished?
(A) Unfortunately not, there are some concrete floors that are damaged, cracked, and pitted to a point of no return. (In such cases we can install a cement topping or overlay.)

(Q) Are all polished concrete floors uniform?
(A) No, A polished concrete floor has no topical coatings, therefore whatever condition exists from the cement installer will reflect though the polish. ( We can provide Acid staining or color pigments for these circumstances.)

(Q) How will cracks affect concrete polishing?
(A) Due to the sensitive nature of cracks, a few options are available that will not hinder the polishing procedure at all.

(Q) Is concrete polishing a dusty procedure?
(A) No, we have developed two different techniques that keep dust and dirt to a bare minimal.