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Polishing concrete is a relatively new art that is fast finding an audience of willing contractors and many customers. Architects and designers who build high-tech structures, chain stores, auto showrooms, restaurants, and many homeowners have included such floors in their specifications. The method of diamond polishing concrete floors has changed traditional flooring industry practices. And as a bonus! This process provides design professionals with a cost-effective flooring option that can accommodate tight budgets and creative designs

Why chose polished concrete,  Simply because virtually any structurally sound concrete floor can be polished to a very hard, durable, and nearly maintenance-free finish. Polished concrete can still breathe to let gas and water vapour through, It resists staining by fluids, oils and certain chemicals, as well as the marks laid down by forklifts and other industrial equipment driving across it."

Whether new or old, concrete floors no longer need sealers, waxes or coatings that require a lot of attention. Factors such as durability, gloss, dust-control, along with low maintenance cycles make diamond polishing an attraction that’s hard to resist.

It is a fact that "Concrete surfaces have become the new ultimate in hard floor design work throughout the developed world and has been recognized as a LEED (environment friendly, Green Spec) certified practice. Furthermore, all applications have been approved by the National floor Safety institute. (NFSI)
Epoxies and urethane coatings commonly used to protect concrete will eventually crack, flake or separate, and have to be removed.