HIGHLY REFLECTIVE 30% Higher. Produces nearly perfect reflections, leaving pleasing
aesthetic appearance.

ABRASION  ASTM 779- Up to 400% increases in abrasion resistance.

NO DUSTING: Eliminates “dusting” resulting from uncoated floor surface.

STAIN PROTECTION: Pores are sealed within. Resisting, water & oil more affectively.

WEATHERING: ASTM 23-81- No adverse effect to ultraviolet light and water spray.

NO COATINGS:  No coatings of any kind including epoxy, urethane, or acrylics needed.

HARDNESS:  ASTM C805-21% increase in impact resistance.

SKID ABILITY STATIC:ASTM 1028 Co-efficient of friction, OSHA & ADA standards.

NO DOWN TIME:  Projects can be performed with no downtime, therefore your operations are not interrupted.

ECOLOGICAL FRIENDLY: Complete operations are performed, odourless, non toxic.